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Now Customs Clearance Faster, Improved Faceless Assessment From July 15

CBIC will boost the degree of facilitation across all customs stations to 90% on July 15, allowing for faster clearing of non-risky goods. From July 15, separate faceless assessment groups (FAG) for some commodities that contribute to revenue will be operating.

"With a view to facilitating faster decisions and, in turn, faster verification of self-assessment as well as to promote specialization and enhance uniformity in assessment, Board has decided to implement changes in the assessment procedure," it said.

The Board also stated that all FAGs' working hours will be uniform from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on any working day, that the "first decision" on the Bill of Entry must be communicated within three working hours of its allocation, and that an appraising officer can only raise three queries in respect of a Bill of Entry. To begin with, all FAGs must work from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on each given working day. Second, NACs and jurisdictional Pr. Commissioners/Customs Commissioners shall administratively monitor that FAGs communicate the Bill of Entry's "initial decision" within 3 working hours of its allocation. Third, an Appraising Officer's total number of questions on a Bill of Entry is now limited to three.

Experts noted that adopting digital tools to expedite the evaluation and customs clearance of imported goods would ensure the next phase of Faceless Assessment, facilitating international trade in India. The Board has agreed that, from July 15, 2021, the degree of RMD facilitation at all Customs stations will be increased to 90%. RMS will preserve the element of randomness in the interdiction of any Bill of Entry, it has been clarified. This policy is likely to allow for faster clearance of non-dangerous imports while focusing more on risky imports to protect income. The above-mentioned circular stands have been adjusted in this manner.

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