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Our response to Covid-19

At Gujarat logistics, "Moving Ahead" is our mission and guides always our effort to become exemplary corporate citizens.

In this pandemic crises, our logistics services, our employees, our drivers and our regional network play a critical role, also in saving lives and livelihood – whether it is by sending important cargos, equipment and essential supplies; delivering necessary goods to private customers; or by finding solutions for companies to continue their operations.

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 outbreak, Our business operations are being continuously adapted to mitigate potential impacts. As a responsible logistic company, pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of our continuous risk planning.

We follow a holistic management process that enables our business units to ensure the best possible operations for our customers, even in an emergency.

The safety of our drivers, employees and customers is paramount, and To closely monitor and manage the Coronavirus outbreak. We regularly update necessary precaution guidelines and information to all employees relevant to thier exposures and involvements in different kind of operations.

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